A Durban based businessman Ndumiso Msomi caused a stir when an enormous python was seen on his premises.

Such was the sheer size of the gigantic python that it caused neighbours and curious onlookers to flee the scene.

The python was first seen resting quietly at his gate as if waiting for the arrival of it’s master who had been in absentia for two days.

Elderly community members rushed to call sangomas while the younger generation went to call the police.

According to one sangoma, Dingiswayo Ntombela; it is not a real snake but a muthi charm which takes the form of a snake.

“The owner forgot to feed it or he tried to flee and leave it due to it’s demands. The snake appearing to the public is it’s own way of exposing him” Dingiswayo said.

Trying to logical about the matter, the police contacted the Wildlife authorities to take the snake away.

What baffed the minds of eyewitnesses was the snake refused to be sedated after darting it with several doses of tranquilizers.

Trying to lift it up proved to be impossible as the weight of the snake suddenly felt like a ton to those involved.

They ended up contracting Dingiswayo’s services who performed some rituals and the snake slithered back into the house through the window much to the shock of onlookers.

“What happened here defies science and logic. If I am to tell people the whole account, no one will buy it” said Mr Wilhelm Du Plessis, one of the wildlife officials.

Attempts to contact Ndumiso were in vain as he is a man who keeps to himself and has no family or wife. This led the sangoma Dingiswayo to the comclusion that the snake must be his wife in exchange for vast wealth.

“I have attended to a lot of cases like this and it never ends well for the party. I wish people would take heed of such things.” He also warned that Ndumiso might die as a result of this ritual. Muthi charms are not supposed to be exposed to the public. That is breaking one of these rituals’ oaths.

It lies to be seen what will happen to Ndumiso when he returns to his ‘pet’ waiting for him.

Source: imzansi



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