Thabiso Mokhethi Heartbreaking Journey After Generations ExitThabiso Mokhethi Heartbreaking Journey After Generations Departure (Image Credit: bona Magazine)

Thabiso Mokhethi, renowned for his portrayal of Samuel on SABC 1’s popular telenovela Generations, recently disclosed the heart-wrenching challenges he faced after his departure from the iconic soapie.

In an exclusive interview on Gogo Skotheni’s The Venting Podcast, Thabiso Mokhethi opened up about how he lost everything and the setbacks that have rocked his life.

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Unraveling Bonds: Financial Hardships and Marital Drift

Reflecting on the hardships he faced, Mokhethi revealed a harrowing journey marked by the dissolution of his marriage, loss of familial bonds, and the anguish of unemployment.

My wife was my best friend, my kids were my friends, and we travelled together and did everything together. But when the money stopped coming in, it seemed the love started fizzling away. The respect lessened, and the arguments increased — instead of growing together, my ex-wife and I were growing apart. So, all these things happened after leaving Generations,” he confessed, unravelling the strains that severed the once-close ties in his marriage.

Former Generations Actor Thabiso Mokhethi "Samuel"
Former Generations Actor Thabiso Mokhethi “Samuel” on how he lost everything after leaving the soapie (Image Credit: Daily Sun)

Thabiso Mokhethi’s emotional struggle as personal tragedies challenge his faith

The 41-year-old artist confessed to grappling with a profound lack of inspiration after leaving Generations, leading to a prolonged period of unemployment and a deepening sense of loneliness and desolation.

I started being angry with God for taking away those things. I was losing my faith in God,” he shared, acknowledging the profound impact of losing his marriage on his spiritual beliefs

Amidst the anguish of an unwanted divorce, tragedy struck again when his brother was murdered.

While I’m going through a divorce, my brother gets murdered. So from the Mokhethi family, I became the only one left,” he shared, revealing the profound loss of his immediate family members – parents, a younger brother in a fatal car accident, and now, his older brother in a mysterious tragedy.

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