From Friendship to Feud: DJ Maphorisa Responds to MacG’s Criticisms on His Music Ownership Claims

In the latest episode of the “Podcast and Chill” show hosted by MacG, tensions rose as the podcaster criticized DJ Maphorisa’s claims regarding music ownership. The Amapiano star had asserted in a live Instagram video that recording music in his studio automatically grants him ownership of the tracks.

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MacG’s Critique: Labelling Maphorisa as “Greedy”

MacG didn’t mince words, branding DJ Maphorisa as “greedy” and questioning his approach to supporting emerging artists.

“That guy is a vampire, my man. He feeds off the youth; he is greedy. The right thing to do would be to share the split sheets accordingly. He doesn’t do that, he does the whole thing of ‘I am Phori, I am putting you on, so I am taking 100.”

He argued that instead of taking full ownership, Maphorisa should consider sharing the split sheets equitably, emphasizing the importance of supporting young talents by providing them with their own studios.

If you’re really helping people, you are talking about people recording from your studio, and when they record from your studio you own the masters. One bag of yours can buy all these children’s studios. Buy them studios if you really want to help them,” MacG said

From Friends to Foes: Dj Maphorisa Responds to MacG’s Claims

In response, DJ Maphorisa addressed the criticism on X, revealing a history of friendship with MacG. However, he speculated that the podcast’s success might be linked to discussing his name frequently. Maphorisa expressed confusion over the situation, citing their past camaraderie during the Bobsta Farout days in Midrand.

MacG got a problem with me or the show is making money with my name that’s why he has to talk about me all the time. It’s kinda crazy because we used to rock together with Bobsta Farout days ko Midrand,” Dj Maphorisa said.

Defending the Status Quo: Maphorisa Upholds Established Industry Methods

The DJ emphasized that various successful entities in the music industry, including Kalawa, Tyla, and Black is Brown, employ similar ownership methods. He defended the approach, stating;

Kalawa used the same method. TylaWater is using the same method. Black is Brown is using the method, etc… ‌ “I will never say why is Sol getting less money on [the] show but he’s the smartest on the team. It’s none of my business, let me tool.”


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