Madumane Responds to Bongani's Tlof Tlof ClaimsMadumane Responds to Bongani's Tlof Tlof Claims(image Credit: Instagram @djmaphorisa/ X @Yaseblock)

Internationally acclaimed musician Dj Maphorisa has vehemently denied claims that he is having tlof tlof with his male artists, most notably Daliwonga.

This comes after ex-convict Bongani Joshua Tsime made the shocking claims on The Wall Podcast with SkeemGP.

Bongani Joshua Tsime Accuses Dj Maphorisa of Having Tlof Tlof with Daliwonga & Other Men

Bongani Joshua Tsime accused DJ Maphorisa of engaging in “tlof tlof” with other men. He claimed that the DJ has slept with various male artists, including Daliwonga.

“DJ Maphorisa is secretly sleeping with other men, including Daliwonga and others. He is sleeping with Daliwonga..He is smashing young boys who want to be in the music industry,” Bongani Joshua Tsime started.

Ex-convict accuses Dj Maphorisa of having tlof tlof with Daliwonga and other men
Ex-convict accuses Dj Maphorisa of having tlof tlof with Daliwonga and other men (Image Credit: X @YaseBlock B)


The video footage of Tsime’s interview quickly went viral, catching DJ Maphorisa’s attention and prompting a response.

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Madumane Responds to Bongani’s Tlof Tlof Claims

Taking to X account to address the startling claims, Dj Maphorisa vowed to take action and deal with Bongani Joshua Tsime. In a firm statement, he said;

I’m gonna show u how I deal with these kind of issues I will make him pay.”

Maphorisa’s response garnered support from netizens who rallied behind him, urging him to take action against Tsime for spreading what they believed to be falsehoods. Social media users implored DJ Maphorisa to teach Tsime a lesson for his damaging claims.

Here are some of the reactions;


Deal with them harshly bro. These type of people don’t understand that their actions have negative impact on people’s careers 💔😪


Please do I’ll be happy,we can’t have useless people like him who don’t have anything to do and they decide to speak whatever nonsense that’s on their mind


That wasn’t funny by the way

Deal with them decisively


Make him pay Phori!!!!!!!!!


Please do. Our society has become too hungry for clout with damaging statements using people’s names.


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