Lundi Tyamara son living with adoptive parents-Image Source@X

It’s been nearly a decade since the renowned gospel artist Lundi Tyamara departed, leaving behind a legacy cherished by many. However, amidst the limelight, a lesser-known aspect of his life emerges – his son.

Reports suggest that Lundi’s son, now known as Ramsay, has found a new home with an adoptive family, ushering him into a chapter of stability and care.

Ramsay’s New Beginning

Sources indicate that Ramsay’s journey took a turn towards a brighter future when he was welcomed into a loving family a few years back. Despite the absence of his biological father, Ramsay thrives in his new environment, residing in Hillbrow.

“He exudes happiness and determination. Recently, he even expressed his aspirations of acquiring a code 14 license,” a source disclosed.

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Lundi Tyamara son
The late gospel star Lundi Tyamara’s son adopted now-Image Source@X

Overcoming Adversity

Like many who navigate life without the guiding presence of a biological parent, Ramsay encountered his share of challenges. Substance abuse posed a hurdle, yet with the unwavering support of his adoptive family, he triumphed over adversity.

“Ramsay’s resilience is commendable. He’s actively shaping a promising future, a testament to the resilience instilled by his late father,” remarked a close associate.

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A Guardian Angel in Kholeka

Following the demise of Lundi Tyamara, Ramsay, though young, found solace in attending his father’s funeral, orchestrated by Kholeka. Despite the geographical distance, Ramsay returned to Johannesburg, where his adoptive family enveloped him with love and has been living a happy life since then.

Physically resembling his father, Ramsay embodies Lundi’s legacy, resonating not only in appearance but also in linguistic prowess, adept in languages such as Isixhosa, Afrikaans, and Swahili.

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