Generations Letoya Makhene Off The Market After Engagement To Lover Lebo

Generations Tshidi Off The Market After Engaged To Lover Lebo

Generations Letoya Makhene Off The Market After Engagement To Lover Lebo

Generations actress Letoya Makhene, who plays the role of Tshidi Phakade, is now exclusively off the market after she said yes to her partner, businesswoman Lebohang Keswa.

Letoya Makhene is openly in a lesbian relationship with businesswoman Lebo Keswa and the two are showcasing their love and triumphant on social media. Now it’s just like the two have decided to cement their relationship and officially marry.

Taking to Instagram, Lebo Keswa posted a banner with the words, “Letoya will you marry Me?”. it had been followed by a “She said yes” confirmation.

Lebo popped the question to Letoya on Saturday morning and late evening friends and families of the couple gathered at Houghton hotel to celebrate with them.

Letoya Makhene was clearly ecstatic and said Lebo Keswa is everything she needs:

“She is everything I need,” she said.

The couple had been together for 8 months before deciding to take the next step in their relationship

“We won’t say we don’t have our ups and downs because that’s what every relationship has but what I like is that our love conquers all.”

“When we started with this relationship, we got a lot of criticism but we’ve learned to live with them.”

When Letoya Makhene announced that she was involved with another woman, she was dragged over hot coals by a lot of people who didn’t understand how she went from being in relationships with men only to move on with a woman. The actress however held her head high and was unapologetic.

Letoya highlighted that her father Blondie Makhene had given them his blessing and that’s all that matters.

The Generations: The Legacy actress made a mini public announcement about the engagement to all or any the lads who flood her DMs, TL and comments section, asking her what was “so special” about Lebo that she’s dating her rather than men.
After being flooded with such questions, Letoya Makhene decided to line them straight once and for all.

“Let’s just get this out of the way once and for all please, and hopefully I won’t be asked this question again. to all or any the lads who keep asking me why her? What do I see in her? Nywe nywe nywe … here’s my answer … she’s great in bed.”

Needless to mention, the streets went wild!

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