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Gogo Arrested with Stolen Electricity Infrastructure Worth R3 Million

In a surprising turn of events, an elderly woman in her 60s was apprehended by City Power after being found in possession of stolen electricity infrastructure valued at R3 million in Orange Farm.

The power utility successfully recovered stolen transformers, streetlights, and cables during a search of the suspect’s residence.

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How Gogo Was Arrested With Stolen Electricity Infrastructure

City Power spokesperson Isaac Mangena revealed to ZiMoja that this unexpected discovery was made as part of a collaborative sting operation involving the entity’s Security Risk Management and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD).

Mangena mentioned that a manhunt has been initiated to locate the accomplices of the elderly woman, and the possibility of an inside job is not being ruled out based on the nature of the recovered equipment.

“The police are now pursuing more people that are linked with the female suspect who is now in custody. We do not rule out the possible involvement of internal staff in the theft of the goods that were recovered. An internal investigation is underway to determine which employees might have been involved in the commissioning of the crime,” Mangena explained.

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Cracking Down on the Syndicate

He emphasized that the authorities are closing in on all those connected to what appears to be a syndicate specialising in stolen electricity infrastructure.

“The following stolen goods were found during the raid, 10 streetlights, 2 50KVA transformers, and 2 drums of 500meter ABC cable. The streetlights and cables were found to be stolen properties of City Power. The two transformers, however, seem to belong to a different owner. This goes to show that the rampant scourge of theft of electricity infrastructure is widespread and does not only affect City Power,” he said.

The suspect was arrested and processed at the Orange Farm Police Station. Isaac Mangena appealed to community members, urging them to participate in the collective effort against theft and vandalism.

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