A 23 years old lady (name withheld) met her untimely death when her newly found blesser decided to use her for money rituals.

According to information gleaned by iMzansi, the lady was known for her love of the finer things in life and extravagant lifestyle despite the fact that she could not afford one herself.

On the fateful day, her 60 year old blesser came to pick her up so that they would go and have a good time.The lady bid her friends farewell and told them she would be gone for three days.

After about a week, the lady had still not returned home and her friends became worried. All her phones were switched off. All efforts to reach her proved drew blanks.

Things took a turn for the worst when the supposed blesser was spotted cruising around town with his latest car and another young girl in the car with him. He was forcefully stopped and interrogated to reveal the whereabouts of the other girl  but he managed to get out of the car and run away.

When the car was searched, they found the young lady in the boot of the car with a snake.

“It is sad, but then some young ladies like money too much.” An eye witness was heard saying at the scene. The police were eventually called and collected the dead body for an autopsy. The snake reportedly vanished from the scene.



14 thoughts on “GRAPHIC : Another lady killed by her blesser for rituals”
  1. The story is so weak it makes my knees wobble. Where did this happen? Which police were called? Is this a local township story or an international one? News must be hard to come by these days

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