A shocking and disheartening video has found its way onto the public eye. The gruesome video show a young boy in his early teens being brutally assaulted while tied to a table. His crime – stealing a Play Station Console.

The hard to watch clip was uploaded last week and the incident is said to have happened in Itsoseng, North West Province. According to a source who refused to say his name, boy received 24 lashes from the businessman and at one time, the chair which he was tied to broke, but this did not stop the determined assaulter who continued with the assault.

The young man could be heard screaming and asking for forgiveness, promising not to steal again. The boy’s family reported the matter to the police and the matter was heard by the Ditsobola Magistrate’s Court. However, the boy’s family, who believe the case was race fueled, are not happy with the judgement since the man was only given a R300 fine for grievous bodily harm.

During the whole incident, someone can be heard giggling in the background. The undressed boy is then duly instructed to dress up and go.

The family has indicated they want to reopen the case.

Source : Online


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