Hungani Ndlovu Divorce RumoursHungani Ndlovu and Stephanie (Image: TimesLive)

Hungani Ndlovu Addresses Divorce Rumours

Talented actor Hungani Ndlovu has addressed the swirling rumours about his marriage to Stephanie Sandows hitting the rocks.

The gossip mill went into overdrive on Tuesday, spreading like a virulent virus that the couple was headed for divorce.

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Rumors Swirl About Impending Split

According to the rumour mill, Stephanie had reached her breaking point and decided to call it quits, filing for divorce due to Hungani’s alleged wandering eye. The grapevine even went so far as to claim that Hungani had impregnated someone outside of their marriage.

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Hungani Ndlovu Responds to Divorce Rumours with Emojis

However, Hungani Ndlovu has now responded to these rumours. When a popular social media entertainment and celebrity gossip blog, Maphephandaba, asked him directly if the divorce rumours were true, Hungani simply replied with a ‘tears of joy laughing’ emoji.

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Hungani Ndlovu and Stephanie Sandows Discuss Divorce

Interestingly, back in March of last year, the couple discussed the legal aspects of divorce on their YouTube channel, The Ndlovu’s Uncut.

They aimed to educate their viewers on what the process would look like for them. Their decision to have this conversation on their channel stemmed from Stephanie’s chat with her friend Petronella about what would happen if they were to separate.

During this candid conversation, the couple explained that they have a prenuptial agreement with accrual, meaning that what they brought into the marriage remains separate, while anything acquired during the marriage is considered joint property. For instance, Stephanie already owned a property before they tied the knot, which would remain hers in the event of a separation.

Hungani shed some light on their marital arrangement, stating,

“We’re married in a prenuptial agreement with accrual which means whatever we basically come into our marriage with is ours separately and whatever we build within the marriage, technically whatever we acquire within the marriage, is ours together, Steph had a property t before we got married. That is her property should we separate.”

Aside from their personal assets, the couple also shares a production company, a YouTube channel, and a house together.

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