Businessman and former Metro FM personality DJ Sbu continues to open up about his financial woes.

It seems things still haven’t changed for the DJ since he shocked fans with his Instagram announcement.

On Wednesday, the father of one took to the picture sharing site once again to reveal that he is still “broke AF”.

He wrote: “Exactly today a year ago I was MoFaya’d! I’m still broke AF. I have missed 12 good cheques & all the many gigs & appearances that came with it. Has it been worth it? Only time will tell! How willing are you to sacrifice short term gains for long term success?”

The entrepreneur has been pulling out all the stops to promote his energy drink. Hopefully he will one day turn it into a huge success.

Last year, the TV and radio personality-turned-entrepreneur shared a revealing, but inspirational message on Instagram about his struggles.

“This is not a holiday selfie. We at work. I’m not poor. But I’m broke. More broke than I have been in a long time. I’m deep in debt. Every last cent. Drop of blood sweat tears. Emotions. Energy. Everything has been invested in #MyStartUp . Been fired. Laughed at. Called crazy & more. Are you willing to risk it all for your dream?”

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