iMzansi would like to unreservedly apologise to Miss Khanyi Mbau, the family of the late Mr Lucky Dube and all those associated with the above parties on the gross error caused by the publication in a story published last week.

The story has been proved beyond reasonable doubt to be false and as caused unwarranted pain and suffering to both families. No reasonable excuse exists for the horrible mistake that happened for the story to be published.

iMzansi hereby issues a retraction and apology. We feel it is important to share the apology with everyone including all our readers. We share the disgust and outrage shared by most of you. Internally, iMzansi management spent some time looking into the events leading to the publishing of this story. As a result, the responsible person has been dismissed from any further participation in the publication.

It takes years to develop trust. It takes only seconds to destroy it. We understand our credibility may be called into question.


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