From left: Sebasa Mogale, Sello Bonoko (Images; ZiMoja)

Limpopo Man Exposes How Skeem Saam ‘Dr Hlongwane’ Actor Scammed Him

Sello Bonoko, a resident of Polokwane in Limpopo, is accusing Sebasa Mogale, a well-known actor from the TV show Skeem Saam and former Thobela FM presenter, of ruining his life by allegedly scamming him out of over R200,000.

According to Bonoko, Mogale, who plays the character of Dr. Hlongwane on Skeem Saam, and his business partner turned politician Mpho Dagada, lured him into investing money in their bitcoin company by promising him high monthly returns. Convinced by their claims, Bonoko quit his job as a truck driver and used his pension fund to invest in their Mining City scheme in 2020.

However, Mogale and his business partner, who is now a prominent politician with Rise SA, are being accused of defrauding numerous clients out of thousands of Rands through their operation, which involved advertising the scheme on Thobela FM.

Bonoko shared WhatsApp conversations where he pleaded with Mogale to refund his money. In response, Mogale claimed that he had explained the workings of the business in detail and stated that the money did not go directly to him but to Mining City. He advised Bonoko to contact Mining City via email.

Despite Bonoko’s efforts, he claims to have been let down by the justice system after his case was dismissed by the court last year.

Bonoko further revealed that the financial strain caused by his failed investment led to the breakdown of his marriage. His wife, who had initially opposed his decision to leave his job, left him, taking their children with her.

Bonoko also expressed disappointment with South African law enforcement, claiming that he had provided all the necessary documents to the investigating officer, but no action had been taken.

Limpopo Provincial Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Thembi Hadebe confirmed the matter. She said that the case was complex but assured that it was receiving the necessary attention. Hadebe urged Bonoko to remain patient with the police.

When contacted for comment, Mogale stated that he had referred the matter to his legal team. However, as of the time of publishing, no response had been received.

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