Londie London's Ex-boyfriend Sphamandla Mabonga Arrested Again, Faces Multiple ChargesLondie London's Ex-boyfriend Sphamandla Mabonga Arrested Again, Faces Multiple Charges (Image Credit: The South African)

Londie London’s Ex-boyfriend Sphamandla Mabonga Arrested Again, Faces Multiple Charges

Londie London’s ex-boyfriend, Sphamandla Mabonga, has been arrested once again. He was taken into custody once again on Wednesday. The arrest followed his appearance at the Randburg magistrate’s court regarding an unrelated issue.

Mabonga’s presence in court was related to a shooting incident that occurred at Tempo Nightclub earlier this year.

According to Sunday World, reports indicate that Mabonga was involved in a confrontation with the nightclub’s security guards in the Johannesburg suburb of Sunninghill. Allegedly, Mabonga was denied entry to the club when he was seen carrying a gun. In response, he began shooting at the security personnel. As a result, he was detained on suspicion of starting the altercation.

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Additional Investigations Uncover More Allegations

While in custody, it came to light that Mabonga was under investigation for other matters as well. One of the allegations involved assaulting a female journalist at Konka, a popular nightclub in Pimville, Soweto. Additionally, Mabonga was being probed for allegedly using fraudulent means to purchase cars from a financial institution. These investigations further compounded the legal troubles he faced.

Fraud Charges Await Mabonga

Mabonga is slated to appear at the Johannesburg magistrate’s court on Thursday to face fraud charges related to the alleged fraudulent car purchases. The charges stem from suspicions that he employed deceptive methods to acquire vehicles from a financial institution. The upcoming court appearance adds to the mounting legal challenges confronting Mabonga.

Controversy Continues as Podcaster Attempts Lawsuit

Adding to the turbulent situation, well-known podcaster MacG reportedly attempted to file a lawsuit against Mabonga. The allegation against Mabonga involved claims of intimidation directed toward MacG over the phone. However, Mabonga refuted the allegations, stating that he merely warned MacG to stop discussing him on his YouTube show, Podcast and Chill.

A conversation between Mabonga and the podcaster indicated that the two individuals had resolved their differences. MacG assured Mabonga that he would no longer mention him on his show, thereby attempting to diffuse any potential legal action.


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