Londie London and Her Boyfriend Attack Journalist at Konka ClubLondie London and Her Boyfriend Attack Journalist at Konka Club (Image Credit: Instagram)

Londie London and Her Boyfriend Attack Journalist at Konka Club

Controversial South African singer and reality star Londie London and her boyfriend, Sphamandla Mabonga, have been accused of physically assaulting a female journalist.

The former Real Housewives of Durban star Londie London and her boyfriend are said to have attacked the journalist at the popular nightclub Konka, Sunday World reveals.

The incident reportedly took place on Tuesday night, with the couple allegedly punching the journalist in the face and forcibly taking her phone before leaving the scene with their security guards.

Londie London and Her Boyfriend Attack Journalist at Konka Club
Londie London and Her Boyfriend Attack Journalist at Konka Club (Image Credit: African Insider)

Journalist Reveals History of Threats and Intimidation

The journalist, who had previously written about the couple, revealed that she had stopped reporting on them due to threats she received after covering details about their relationship and personal lives.

I discovered most of the things about her including a car being taken away [by the father of her children]. Then she gets in a relationship [with Mabonga]. When he buys her cars, we reported all of that. In July, I received a threatening call from what I assumed was them [the couple]. I told them that I don’t know them, and I ignored them, but then I decided to withdraw from writing about them because they were not worth it,” the journalist disclosed.

However, Mabonga contacted her in November, claiming to have broken up with Londie and asking her to write a story about it.

Mabonga apologized for the previous incidents, attributing them to being in love and wanting to impress Londie. He requested that the journalist write about the end of their relationship but later asked her to retract the article. When she refused, he stopped talking to her.

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Confrontation at the Konka Nightclub Ends in Assault

The journalist and the couple crossed paths at Konka nightclub on Tuesday night, leading to a confrontation. The journalist approached Mabonga and requested to speak with him, but the couple’s security guards intervened. The situation escalated despite Mabonga initially instructing the guards to let her go. Londie London began swearing at the journalist, and Mabonga also joined in and started swearing at her.

She started swearing at me … I said ‘I am not here to fight, we can just clear out our issues’. Then he also started swearing. When Londie starts boiling, he does too

Londie London’s boyfriend then went on to punch the journalist on her on the lips.

He punched me on my lips. They all got in their cars and left. I stood in front of their car and told security to give back my phone. Their security pushed me and allowed them to go,” she revealed.

The couple then left the scene, taking the journalist’s phone with them. The journalist sought assistance from a follower and attempted to involve a police officer, expressing concern about her personal information and banking apps on the stolen phone.

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