A Sangoma from the Eastern Cape  Dingindawo Ndzakana has come forward with claims that he owns several snakes that can make the owner rich, bring luck and make problems disappear.

We rush to remind him that this is what most sangomas say but we’re met with laughter.

“Of course, they want clients. They want to make money. However I’m different. As you can see I’m not a poor person. I do this to help people”

As evidence, Dingindawo’s home is quite lavish and not the typical brick and mortar house reminiscent of most in his trade.

We ask him how he procured the snakes and he tells us: “I got them from underwater. My training as a sangoma was done underwater. I dreamt of a man calling me at the river bank and the next day I decided to go”

Dingindawo claims he spent weeks underwater learning all there was to learn. He remains quiet on the finer details because he says it’s forbidden to reveal all.

Clients from all walks of life flock to his house to get advice and some to get their own snakes.

“Even church leaders come when they want to boost the numbers in their church. I know you don’t believe me but it’s true” he boasts.

He declined to tell us how much the snakes cost and all the rituals involved as he said that info is privy to clients only. It seems to be quite a complex process as there are oaths involved and lot of money as well.

Source: iMzansi





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