CHICAGO, IL - APRIL 17: Bottles of Coca-Cola soda are offered for sale at a grocery store on April 17, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. The Coca-Cola Co. reported an 8 percent increase in net income for the first quarter of 2012 with global volume growth of 5%. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

1. Loosening Bolts
If you find yourself with a bevy of rusted bolts, whether it is on a piece of machinery or a vehicle, simply pour some coke over the bolts. The coke will begin to eat away at the material, so you can remove the bolts later that day.

2. Fertiliser
Coca-Cola has been found to improve the overall quality of compost for growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Just add in a can to the mixture and you’re good to grow.

3. Cleaning burnt out stuff at the bottom of pots
Burnt on food can ruin a good pan if you can’t get it off. To save your good cookware, pour some Coke in the pan and let it soak overnight. The next morning, all that burnt food should come right off.

4. HairCurler
You probably read that headline and thought to use the can of Coke and wrap it around the hair on your head. But no, instead simply pour some flat coke on your hair and within minutes you can rinse it off and you’ll be left with curly hair.

5. Coke can be used to remove blood stains from clothes.

6. Cleaning rusty Car Batteries
Much like rusted bolts, a car battery that has seen a long life can be a pain in the butt to take care of. Pour just a little bit of Coca-Cola on the battery to erode the rust and bring it back to life.

7. Swimming Pool Cleaner
Instead of hiring an expensive agency, simply pour two liters of coke into your pool and then let it filter out naturally with the pump. The water will be clear before you know it.

8. The Whole Word knows Coke
Statistically, just about the whole world recognizes Coke. Almost 95% of the global population can recognize Coca-Cola’s logo. The company has also reported that its brand name is the number 2 most understood word all over the world, second only to the word ‘okay’. Apparently, popularity on Planet Earth wasn’t enough for Coke—in 1985 it became the first soda anyone ever drank on the moon. Coca-Cola even produced a special space can for the astronauts on the Space Shuttle Challenger.

9. In the first year Coca-Cola creator John Pemberton sold an average of just nine glasses a day. The company now sells 1.4 billion beverage servings every day.He died in 1888 without realising the success of the beverage he had created


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