Men in Mzansi are making a mad dash to neighboring Zimbabwe after a sangoma in Zimbabwe claimed baboon s_emen has the powers to make one rich.

The ghastly concoction is said to be selling like hot cakes in a small town on Zimbabwe called Ngundu. People from all over Zimbabwe and neighboring countries are said to be making a rush for the coveted whitish juice. After word got out by some locals, it is said the sangoma’s household has seen flashy cars and people on foot alike flocking for the medicine.

Locals have said the sangoma has three baboons that he keeps as pets and two of these are male. “We think he is milking the male of their seed and only their seed works because we killed a baboon last time to try and it did not work’ said one local. Another local jockingly said ,’How on earth is he getting it off a baboon?’ A question which remained to be answered.

It is claimed the sangoma performs his rituals with the baboon s_emen and will tell you to pay her when you get your riches. ‘That is why many expensive cars drive here in and out the whole day. They are coming to pay back’ said another local.

A close source said cars with GP (Gauteng) number plates are the most they see per day.

iMzansi team contacted the sangoma and he said ‘I am not doing anything wrong. I am helping people getting rich and living a better life’ When pressed to reveal if there are no strigns attached, the sangoma said, ‘You can come see me if you want’

Source : iMzansi



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