The Pastor (pictured below) was preaching to his congregation on a Sunday morning when he asked people with health problems to stand up and come close to touch a specific place on his body for healing.


Apparently the Pastor wanted those who have headaches to touch his head, and he would deliver miraculous healing, and those who for example had leg pain were meant to touch his leg for healing.

While everyone was touching the Pastor’s head, shoes and shoulder; this woman, who has been purported to be a bishop of same congregation decided to hold the pastor’s reproductive organs much to the amusement, awe, and shock of all who were watching.

The Pastor ask why she held his organs and the woman said, “her husband’s own apparatus was not functioning, so she believed when she held the Pastor’s, her husband’s own would be healed.”

Well, believe it or not, this is not the most bizarre story released this year. Recently a lot of Pastors have been exposed in several reports engaging in similarly revolting things.

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