Julius Malema Bought A Donkey And Named It Kenny

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Julius Malema has fired back at Kenny Kunene sources reveal. This comes weeks after Kenny Kunene, the South African controversial multi-millionaire went onto social media to declare that he has got a dog and he calls it Juju.

Speaking to Sunday Sun Kunene said Juju the dog was not different from Juju the human saying they are both loyal and they listen to their masters. The Sushi King said Julius Malema’s masters are in England.

“If we compare Juju the human and Juju the dog, they’re both loyal. The dog is loyal to me and the human is loyal to his masters in England. Malema has characteristics of a dog. He barks everywhere, in Parliament he’s always barking. In Polokwane he barks in taverns. He wasn’t in Parliament on Thursday, so his masters in England told him to do something, so now he’s done a song just to make noise.”

After weeks of silence, Malema decided to come out of the closet and fire back at Kunene. Sources say he went all the way to Swaziland to purchase a Donkey and he is calling it Kenny.

The donkey was delivered was delivered in his Limpopo farm last weekend.
It looks like there will be no end to the war between these two. We are just curious to know how many more bullets Kenny still has in his gun.

Source : News SA



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