mamlamboReports hitting our news desks are that Generations The Legacy actors are now terrified to go to work as the great Mamlambo (Snake on the Soapie set) has started attacking them and ultimately trying to ‘eat’ the little boy who plays the role of Amo.

The young actor was reportedly hospitalised after Mamlambo the great ‘swallowed’ a great deal of his head  in an fortunately unsuccessful attempt to chow the kid. Even though Mamlambo is not venomous, the stars are now scared to go to work just in case the snake decides to bite or  eat them.

A snake is a snake man, iyasithusa lenyoka. Mfundi says it bites but does not kill, inyoka le njani? A snake is a snake baba.

Said the actor who portrays the role of Cosmo obviously petrified.

Several other actors who spoke condition of anonymity-for obvious reasons– said they don’t work comfortably with the snake around and they are a tad embarrassed by the whole mamlambo thing.

Reached for a comment, Ben Di Vet, a snake expert says the snake’s primal instincts kicked in. He said it just wants to eat a big meal and hibernate because winter is approaching that’s why it could have tried to eat the poor child.

Efforts to get a comment from the producers of the soapie hit a brickwall at the time of writing this satirical piece.


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