Johannesburg – The internet was never ready for Mshoza and her Nicki Minaj transformation. Never.

As reported by The Juice yesterday, the kwaito singer made an appearance on MTV Base Africa, detailing the shock transformation for viewers.

A teaser video showing Mshoza having injections in her face and a skin treatment soon went viral. For 16 hours. Sorry, Mcebisi Jonas.

The transformation was all part of earlier procedures, dubbed the ‘Michael Jackson’ procedure, which saw her have a variety of treatments including botox, fillers, peels, skin lightening and, well, a lot more.

The Juice has reached out to Mshoza for comment, however a team member from her management explained that she is not taking any phone calls today as she is having a “down day,” and is “not in a good space to talk to any media today.”

And we can guess why. The internet was certainly in full attack mode after seeing the footage of the so called Minaj transformation yesterday.

Below are some of the memes…mocking mshoza

When you order something online Vs. When it arrives.


Another one…


And Another





Even DJ Cleo is speechless…




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