62 year old Joseph Nzulu is a very happy man this week. He just became rich after winning a Lotto Jackpot of R5M.

Mr Nzulu’s life hasn’t been smooth for a long time. Back in 1996 he lost his first wife and became a single father. He got his 2nd wife who then left him in 2015 after an argument about his inability to provide for the family.

The new millionaire is a father of 9 kids and lives in Bottlebrush informal settlement in Chatsworth unit 4. He is unemployed and lives a lonely life.

Mr Nzulu has no plans of reuniting with his former wife. He had this to say,

“I just need some peace now and I can live on my own for now. One of the sons I had with the second wife lives in a nearby centre and I will work on how to help him, but not his mother,”

Plans for his new millions? First he says he will give tithe to his Church which had helped him during his lonely times. The he will build rental houses plus a house for himself. For his daily upkeep he will get himself a taxi which will keep him busy since he cannot do any hard jobs plus.



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