WHENEVER Nthabiseng was faced with life’s problems she was quick to go to a prophet to seek help. But then her prophet died and her life became a living hell.

That’s because Nthabiseng said her dead prophet pokes her all night long and refuses to stop! Nthabiseng Tsholo (36) from Vosloorus in Ekurhuleni said she is now tired of making love to a dead man who used to be her healer. “The prophet helped me find a job and a man to love. He was so helpful. I always went to him when I had serious problems,” said Nthabiseng.

Then the prophet died in 2014. “I went to his funeral and I was heartbroken about his death,” she said.

Three months after the prophet died, Nthabiseng claimed she started hearing voices of a man telling her what to do. She said the dead prophet then started forcing her to sleep with him in her dreams. Nthabiseng said: “At first I enjoyed the dreams, but then it became a pain because the dead man would keep demanding more.

“I would wake up with my lower body wet, tired and in pain.” She said she had sought help from other prophets and sangomas to get the dead man out of her bed, but no one has been able to help her. “I’m tired of making love to a man whom I know we buried.”

Nthabiseng said: “The dead man follows me wherever I go. He becomes angry and jealous when I speak to men or when I go to church where the preacher is a man. I cry every day and night. I have no peace in my life,” she said.

Source : DailySun


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