Sylvia Tshanda Debunks Theft Claims: Master KG Gets Full Blessing for ‘Keneilwe’ Remix”

In a move to settle the controversy surrounding the popular song “Keneilwe,” Sylvia Tshanda, the wife of the late musician Dan Tshanda, has provided clarity.

The song recently underwent a reproduction by the globally acclaimed producer Master KG, known for the worldwide hit “Jerusalema.” Originally performed by Dalom Kids as “Celebrate” in the 1980s under the late Tshanda, the song stirred debates about its reproduction.

Master KG’s Reproduction: Navigating Permissions and Acknowledging the Past

Master KG, with permission from Sylvia Tshanda and Dalom Management, reworked the track, featuring Nkosazana Daughter on vocals.

The original Dalom Kids members who recorded the song, Magdeline Zungu, Jacqueline Rotwana, and the late Petronella Rampou (2001), played a pivotal role in its creation.

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Royalty Distribution: Former Dalom Kids Members to Receive Compensation

According to Zimoja, Sylvia Tshanda clarified the royalty distribution in a statement, ensuring that all contributors to the making of “Keneilwe” would receive royalties. This includes the late Petronella Rampou, who is set to receive royalties for both the remix and the original version. However, former singers will only receive royalties from the original version.

With over 11 million views on YouTube, “Keneilwe” retains its popularity. Sylvia emphasized the copyright ownership, stating,

The song in question is a copyright of Dalom, produced by Dalom Kids, as such, Dalom holds rights to use and reproduce the song (Record).”

Sylvia Tshanda’s Statement: Defends Master KG

Sylvia Tshanda also debunked claims of theft, affirming that Master KG obtained proper permissions.

Master KG was granted permission to reproduce the song and was assisted by the new members of Dalom Kids; as such, no sample was used pertaining to the original song,” she explained.

In defense of his actions, Master KG confirmed the arrangements made with Sylvia Tshanda for the song’s rework.

She arrived in the studio with three women who went by the name of Dalom Kids. I had no idea that there were other people involved because we had Dalom Kids in the studio,” he stated in a post on X.



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