I’m a fun-loving woman seeking a companion, who I can spend most of my free time with. I travel a lot during the holidays and during vacation, it isn’t a bad idea to bring with me a man who can be satisfying me and give me insane pleasure. Well, this is what I bluntly need. I’m a widow, 37years old and I own a clothing line, which is international but of course, I can’t disclose much at this point.

My late husband is a very wealthy politician. I have no kids yet but I hope to make one soon since I am full of youth, I will like to have a strong and energetic young man as a friend. Money is never a problem. I am available on Facebook and WhatsApp live chat. If you drop your picture and phone in the comments I will contact you if like you.

By the way, I have chocolate skin and I hope you my soulmate who is out there will like it

In short, I’m looking for a literate smart man who is loving, caring, mature at heart and thought, respects humanity, and so on.

I want to write a little letter for the one I am going to choose from this site:

Dear future companion
I know you are out there and we are going to connect. If you can satisfy me, I promise to give you anything you ask for. I am rich enough to take care of you. I travel often and if you love that, we could see the world, plan a future and we could make beautiful babies, married or not. I’m 37yrs, beautiful and vibrant. I hope to connect with you soon. contact me below by dropping your pictures and contact details then I will be able to choose.

So what do you say? Please am dying to link up with you!

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