WHEN the going gets tough, the tough get going. And it goes the same for mourners who use Winterveld Cemetery every weekend. When they are pressed they are forced to pee in the bush or behind tombstones on other graves.

They do this because the toilets are too far from the graves. It is a real disgrace for impatient men and women who come to bury their loved ones in dignity. However this has become so common that people at funerals do it quite openly.

While men move away from the crowd, women use the trees or graves nearby. On Saturday, the same thing happened. One of the disgraced mourners, Elizabeth Mabaso (53) said it was embarrassing. “I understand that sometimes one can’t hold on to urine, but disrespecting graves is bad.”

She blamed the government for what was happening. She said: “Look, the graveyard is almost full and people have to travel for about a kilometre to the toilets.” Joseph Mabizela from Mabopane said there was nothing the people can do.

“Most come here drinking and when they are pressed they have to relieve themselves.  The funeral services take long and we can’t expect elderly people, especially women, to walk such a distance to pee.” He said the graveyard needs another set of toilets, apart from the ones at the entrance. Councillor Amos Mampheko said mobile toilets from the City of Tshwane were an option.

“The graveyard is almost full, so we are holding on until the new cemeteries in Soshanguve are functional. “We are also going to get new graveyard sites at Ten Morgan in the area, so people should not be worried by this for too long.

“The problem will be sorted out soon.”

Source : DailySun


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