Controversy-prone star Mshoza is at it again.

In a new social media post, Mshoza’s is seen undergoing a few surgical procedures to look more like rap goddess Nicki Minaj, performing is South Africa later this week.


A nervous Mshoza, who is dressed in a white robe and sporting bright crimson lips, is heard saying in the video clip:

“Hey, this is Mshoza, the queen of Kwaito. We are about to fix Mshoza and make her look more like Nicki”


At one point in the video Mshoza, who is pinned to a bed, anxiously asks for the presumably plastic surgeon holding a needle in hand to “wait!wait!” before the needle goes into her upper lip and giving her lips a fuller effect as a result.


Mshoza, 33, revealed to Sowetan earlier this year that she had offered herself as a guinea pig to undergo over-the-top cosmetic surgery and doesn’t have to pay a cent.

The Midrand-based Aesthetics HQ is testing procedures and products on her before taking them to market.

“Everything that comes in starts with me. I can say it’s an experiment,” she boasted.

Source : Sowetan

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