ANC MP Boy MamaboloANC MP Boy Mamabolo Explains Why He Kissed Another Woman [Image: X]

African National Congress (ANC) MP Honourable Boy Mamabolo has explained why he recently kissed another woman at the party’s celebrations.


The Enraging Kiss From Hell

Mamabolo torched a storm when someone filmed him kissing a certain yellow bone at an ANC dinner. The MP and most attendees donned their ANC t-shirts at the nighttime event.

The politician was standing while the lady was sitting, and he bent down and kissed her on the lips before walking away to attend to something.

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Mamabolo has a wife, Khomotso Malotane, whom he wedded in Seshego, Limpopo, in September 2021.

When the video went viral earlier this week, South Africans online took the AN MP to task and accused him of cheating. Some unleashed their fury and bashed him for disrespecting his wife so much as to cheat in public.

Since the drama erupted, Boy Mamabolo has been posting his wife and family non-stop on his X account to firefight and calm the situation. Regardless, tweeps storm the comments and drag the legislator.


ANC MP Boy Mamabolo
ANC MP Boy Mamabolo Explains Why He Kissed Another Woman [Image: @BoyMamabolo/X]


Boy Mamabolo Explains Kissing Another Woman At The ANC Event

MP Boy Mamabolo spoke to Sunday World and explained that he was not cheating on his wife. He even said his wife knows that he kisses fellow ANC members to greet them.

“It’s obviously me kissing my comrade. There is nothing wrong with that … I have been kissing comrades. Everybody deserves some love. It’s not like we are dating them [female comrades]. We are just giving them some love. It’s not like it was a deep kiss or a French kiss.

“The ANC is not made up of men only. She [his wife] knows that part. We are not worried about gossip. It is not like I was naked or caught penetrating another woman. That one is called cheating. People are angry about something I did with my own mouth? They can’t do that.”

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