Nelson Mandela's things to be auctionedNelson and Makaziwe Mandela-Image Source@X

Latest reports reveal that Makaziwe Mandela, the eldest daughter of the late president, is determined to proceed with an auction in February, showcasing her father’s personal effects. This decision comes after a prolonged two-year legal battle with the South African government.

Over a decade has passed since the demise of Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa. In the years following his passing, the Mandela family has consistently made headlines, the most recent being their departure from the historic Mandela residence on 12th Avenue in Houghton.

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Zimoja reports that the South African government attempted to thwart the sale of these significant items, arguing that they held the status of national heritage artefacts. Despite the government’s initial efforts to block Makaziwe’s plans, she emerged victorious in a recent court judgment. The South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) is now hastily evaluating the legality and implications of the upcoming auction.

Nelson and Makaziwe Mandela
Nelson Mandela’s daughter to auction his stuff-Image Source@X

Nelson Mandela’s Controversial Auction Items

Makaziwe Mandela is steadfast in her decision to auction off an array of valuable items, including her father’s hearing aid, a blanket Barak and Michelle Obama gifted, the green ID book he received after his prison release, his spectacles, and a special tailored Madiba shirt. The renowned Guernsey’s auction house in New York is set to facilitate the auction of 70 of these belongings, with proceeds earmarked for the establishment of a memorial garden.

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“Every time the SA government has gone to court, they have lost. They don’t have any leg to stand on,” stated Makaziwe Mandela in a previous interview.

Mandla Mandela, the tribal chief of the Mvezo Traditional Council and Nelson Mandela’s grandson, declined to provide comments to ZiMoja on the matter.

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