Nomzamo Mbatha Dazzles On The Cover Of Glamour Magazine

Nomzamo Mbatha Dazzles On The Cover Of Glamour Magazine

Multi-talented media personal, Nomzamo Mbatha, has made the cover of Glamour magazine which will come out next month.

Nomzamo is most probably going to be the last individual to grace Glamour magazine’s print edition as the renowned magazine has already announced it will be going digital in 2021.

However, Nomzamo took her gratitude to her Instagram wall where she professed her appreciation citing that hard work pays.

“I am the product of many wishes, hard work, and black women’s prayers. Grateful for the grace that has been bestowed upon my life. To my father who worked in a textile factory, you taught me the power of chasing my dreams and the rewards that come with that. To my mother who is a teacher, you taught me tenacity and a whole lot of CHUTZPAH. Ngiyabonga SKUTA noMANATU … life dealt you bad hands but you taught me to never accept something that I COULD change. MAZEL TOV,” wrote Nomzamo.

Apart from making the cover of Glamour magazine, Nomzamo will be starring in Eddie Murphy’s upcoming comedy film, Coming to 2 America, which will premier on the 5th of March next year with casts like Wesley Snipes, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, KiKi Layne, and Rick Ross.

The star is living that A-lister life ever since she moved overseas last August after scoring a role in the sequel to the 1988 cult classic.

Moreover, Nomzamo has made massive moves since scoring the role, and in July announced that she had signed an international deal with Beyoncé’s PR team, Schure Media Group.

Reflecting on her decision to move overseas, Nomzamo told fans last year that it was a choice of faith, “moving to Los Angeles was a choice of faith, and God has surpassed my wildest dreams. This moment is bigger than me. This moment is for every single girl who doubts herself or just how big her God is. My life is a testament to that. My life says God is bigger than ginormous!”


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