Neo went to the river to get spiritual guidance and to perform rituals. But instead of getting help, she allegedly had her car stolen. The thief said he would give it back to her if she posted n_aked pictures on WhatsApp.

Neo Moeti (24) from Magaliesburg in Gauteng said she went to church to ask God for protection and guidance and met a man who said he could help her. ‘He suggested that we go to the river to perform rituals’ said Neo. ‘I had no reason to doubt him. I believed he was a man of God.’

It was on 18 February that they drove to the river near Magaliesburg in her red Nissan Juke. She had only bought the fancy 4×4 in September last year. The bush was quiet thick and they left the car some distance from the river and walked down to the water. ‘When we got there he told me he had left something important in the car,’ said Neo. ‘I tried to open the car with the remote control from where we were but it was too far so I gave him the key – that was the last I saw of him and my car.’

She said she was surprised when she heard the car starting, but then she realised why. The next thing there was a cloud of dust and she heard the car roaring away. ‘My phone was in the car as well as R300 in cash.’ But that was only the beginning of Neo’s problems.

Three weeks later, on 7 March, she replaced her phone and tracked the man down on WhatsApp. ‘I demanded that he give me back my car. That’s when he responded with strange messages.’ said Neo. ‘He told me he wanted me to send him a picture of myself without any clothes in before he would give me back my car. I can’t do that.’

Provincial SAPS spokesman Kay Makhubela confirmed that a case of motor theft was opened at the Magaliesburg Police Station. ‘No arrests have been made. The case is still under investigation,’ said Makhubela.

Source : DailySun


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