Sho Madjozi launches hair lineSho Madjozi-Image Source@X
Sho Madjozi has finally made peace with SA’s parents as she announces the launch of her new hair line. The inspiration behind this unique hair range comes from a character featured in Madjozi’s children’s book, titled “ShoMa and The Stars.”

Known for her vibrant and child-friendly hairstyles, Madjozi’s latest creation has already captured the attention of South African girls, sparking a wave of December hairstyle inspiration. Now, parents eagerly await the opportunity to adorn their little ones with these dazzling braids.

Sho Madjozi’s Hair Pieces to Go on Sale

Anele Mdoda, the host of Anele and The Club on 947, shared the exciting revelation on her X page. She announced, “You heard it on Anele and The club first ke parents!!!! Sho Madjozi will have the sparkly hair available for sale. She will announce today @ShoMadjozi, the website you can order on. The sparkly hair is inspired by the main character in her book.

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Sho Madjozi new hair line
Sho Madjozi new hair line-Image Source@X

Sho Madjozi also shared on her social media pages that the sparkly hair range draws inspiration from a character in Madjozi’s children’s book, ShoMa and The Stars. The protagonist, ShoMa, is known for her sparkling braids. Madjozi will soon reveal the website where parents can purchase these unique braids for their little ones. Pre-orders for the hair will start on the 25th of November 2023.

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Mzansi Reacts To Sho Madjozi’s New Hair Line

The flamboyant and child-friendly hairstyles of the “John Cena” singer have left many Mzansi parents’ pockets trembling. On social media, reactions poured in with excitement and a hint of concern.

@PabaleloMosima expressed,

“Finally!!!! Next a complete hair store for the kiddos. Accessories, hair, hair care products… The works!!!”

@Zec_nkanyane shared,

“Guys I have 3 daughters.”

@sontondlovu lauding,

“Love it for @ShoMadjozi!! This is massive. Congratulations.”

@TheProgress_ offered a humorous prayer,

“May the influence that Hannah Montana had on us locate Sho Majozi.”

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