A man of God leading the Harvesters International Christian center (HICC), on Monday, July 18, shocked congregants when he interpreted bile verses by flogging one of his followers.

Pastor Bolaji Idowu, while delivering a message titled “Is God Mad at Me?”, made use of a very strange analogy to illustrate the scriptures.

A church member volunteered to be whipped to illustrate punishment for the sin committed by the erring son in the bible.

The Pastor gave him a few good strokes as seen in the pictures below.

After the drama, he pointed out that the erring son was completely free and could not be punished anymore as the other person had taken his place.

The man of God in his message which focused on opening the eyes of believers to the simple truth that God cannot be mad at them, explained this by saying that “as believers we are hid in Christ and since God is pleased with Christ he is pleased with us too as joint heirs of Christ. Therefore, when we err or do wrong, God isn’t mad at us, he is only angry at the sin.”

pastor beats 2

pastor beats

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