While polygamy it totally acceptable in some traditions some women may beg to differ especially if their husbands impose new wives on them.
Such is the case between 2 Mafikeng woman who found themselves sucked into a polygamous arrangement.

The two, identified as Dineo (first wife) and Thusitse ( second wife) took their beef to the highest level when they poured hot water on each other after a fight ensued between them.

According to close family members the two women never liked each other, they merely tolerated each other for the sake of their husband.poly

Dineo claims that Thusitse had been poisoning her husband against her as he no longer came to her nor touched her anymore. In glee Thusitse claimed that she was now the favorite because she was prettier, good in bed and Dineo has no clue about taking care of a man.

The struggle escalated when Dineo resolved to pour hot water on her rival who fought over the pot with her. The result was inevitable. the water spilled out and burnt both of them. They’re undergoing treatment at a local hospital .

Perhaps the most curious thing is that, the two women continue to blame each other for the accident even after scalding each other’s skin.

Source: imzansi



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