Pretoria pastor to crucify himself on Good Friday

A Pretoria pastor has claimed he wants to be crucified on the cross and be buried so that he can resurrect on the third day, just like Jesus.

Pastor Daniel Malatji of Revival Ministries in Soshanguve Block C shocked congregants last on Sunday when he instructed his followers to come to easter Friday service (25 March) with nails and hammers as he wanted to be nailed on the cross just like Jesus.

‘I want to do as our Savior’ said the pastor, ‘next week Friday I want to be nailed on the cross to prove to the world that we serve a might God who will resurrect me on the third day. We need to show the world that miracles still happen’ the faith filled pastor preached.

iMzansi has learnt that the news was met with disbelief from the congregants and some followers testified that they were scared for the pastor. ‘He is testing God and our God is not to be tested’ said one follower while another follower said, ‘I believe pastor Daniel will resurrect, he is a mighty man and we shall see a miracle’

Pastor Daniel said he will provide the cross and will want the crucifixion to take place at the church’s yard. He also instructed his followers to bury him in his bedroom for three days so that he can resurrect.

Source : iMzansi


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