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Tayabah Jadwat, a racist teacher previously accused of making racist remarks at Curro Academy in Soweto, has secured a new position at Lenasia Secondary School, a government school. Jadwat left her former role following accusations of calling black students “monkeys”.

In February, it was revealed that Jadwat had referred to three black students as “monkeys” during a class. This revelation led to her suspension and subsequent resignation from Curro Academy. It was reported that she was advised by the school’s head, Johannes Mahlatsi, to resign or face termination due to the racial slur.

New Employment at Lenasia Secondary School

Despite her controversial exit from Curro Academy, Jadwat has been employed at Lenasia Secondary School, which is under the jurisdiction of the Gauteng Department of Education. This move has sparked concern among parents and community members in Lenasia.

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Community Reaction

Lenasia Secondary school
Racist teacher gets job at Lenasia Secondary School-Image Source@X

Parents and students at Lenasia Secondary School have expressed their dismay at Jadwat’s employment. Speaking anonymously, several parents indicated that they were informed of her past actions by members of the school-governing body (SGB) and students.

“We have read about how she left her previous job and it is shocking that she has been employed here at Lenasia Secondary,” said one parent. “I am an Indian myself, and I despise racism with all my heart. It does not make sense how she was employed.”

“We are not going to let this slide. The SGB and the school need to give us answers regarding her employment. We are not going to have our kids taught by a person who called black learners monkeys. It is complete nonsense,” added another concerned parent.

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Official Statement on the matter

Sadtu general secretary, Mugwena Maluleke, emphasized the gravity of racism in schools, stating that it is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly. He pointed out that Curro Academy was legally obligated to address the issue thoroughly, even after Jadwat’s resignation.

“Curro is obligated by law to charge and prosecute such a teacher even after resigning because in the absence of a discharge letter the other schools have nothing to rely on when this disgraced teacher approaches them,” Maluleke said.

School’s Stance

The deputy principal of Lenasia Secondary School, identified only as Manga, refused to provide contact information for the SGB members or the principal, Hawa Munshi. He stated that the Department of Education instructed them not to comment on the matter.

“The department of education told us not to say anything regarding the matter. We cannot also provide you with the contacts of the SGB chairperson or its members, including the contact number of the school’s principal Ms Munchi, as we are not allowed to do so,” Manga explained.

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