Metro LootLove Lamiez HolworthyMetro FM "Suspends" LootLove and Lamiez Holworthy for Attending An ANC Rally [Image: Instagram]

SABC radio station Metro FM has allegedly suspended presenters LootLove and Lamiez Holworthy for attending an ANC rally last week.

LootLove, whose real name is Luthando Shozi, and Lamiez, born Ntokozo Dlamini, attended the ruling party’s rally before the 29 May elections.


Metro FM Suspends LootLove and Lamiez Holworthy For  Attending An ANC Rally?

Controversial blogger Musa Khawula revealed the suspension on his social media account:

“Metro FM suspends Luthando Shosha, better known as LootLove and Lamiez Holworthy, for attending the ANC rallies.”

Another entertainment blogger reported that Metro FM did not suspend LootLove and Lamiez. In the quoted statement, the radio station explained:

“The SABC can confirm that METRO FM on-air presenter Luthando “LootLove” Shosha was unscheduled from her programme but will be back on-air today.

However, the SABC clarified that it does not allow presenters to show support for any political parties publicly:

“The SABC is not at liberty to go into the details of the matter concerning the individual except to say that the hosting of political rallies and/or public association with political parties goes against the SABC’s editorial policy, which is a public document. In regards to Lamiez Holworthy, she is not on suspension or unscheduled for any matter.”

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Mzansi Expresses Mixed Sentiments

Metro LootLove Lamiez Holworthy
Metro FM “Suspends” LootLove and Lamiez Holworthy for Attending An ANC Rally [Image: Instagram]


Social media users had different emotions about the alleged suspension of LootLove and Lamiez Holworthy for attending an ANC rally.


“What happened to freedom of association?”

P Max:

“Thank you so much, Metro FM, for doing the right thing. 👏👏”


“Lootlove endorsing the ANC meant supporting the looting 🤣🤣🤣”


“I assume that Metro FM is wrong. I can’t see why their attendance or political affiliation would have a conflict of interest unless there is more to the story that is not said yet at this stage.”


“Had the ANC won the elections outright, there wouldn’t be suspended.”

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