Dineo Ranaka Speaks Out About Radio’s Impact on Her Health

In a candid interview with Nomalanga Shozi on BET’s Behind The Story, media personality Dineo Ranaka has opened up about the toll that radio has taken on her mental and physical well-being.

The Hidden Toll: Mental and Physical Health Challenges in the Radio Industry

Having graced the airwaves of esteemed stations like 5FM, YFM, Highveld Stereo, Metro, and Kaya FM, Ranaka revealed that her journey through radio has been tumultuous, with each station bringing its own set of challenges

She revealed that her struggles with mental illness can be traced back to her time in the radio industry.

5FM, I fell sick. YFM, I fell sick. Metro FM, I went to initiation school. Kaya FM, I got depression,” Ranaka disclosed during the interview.

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Abusive Behind the Scenes: Dineo Ranaka Exposes Radio’s Dark Side

Ranaka expressed that while she possesses resilience, there’s a threshold to the abuse she can endure, particularly highlighting the unseen pressures faced by radio presenters.

It’s a very abusive industry on the back end,” Ranaka stated.

From Absence to Depression: Dineo Ranaka’s Struggles at Kaya FM

The revelation comes on the heels of her departure from Kaya FM, where she was co-hosting the breakfast show with Solomzi “Sol” Phenduka before being terminated in July 2023 due to unauthorized absences.

Dineo Ranaka confessed that during her tenure at Kaya FM, she was already grappling with depression, which was exacerbated by the demands of the radio environment.

Radio makes me physically sick,” Ranaka emphasized, shedding light on the toll it has taken on her well-being.

True Passion vs. Financial Obligations: Dineo Ranaka’s Radio Dilemma

Despite her success in radio, Ranaka confessed that television production was her true passion. However, financial obligations led her to pursue radio, where she excelled but ultimately suffered due to its detrimental impact on her well-being.

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