Zola 7 New Talk ShowZola 7 (Image: ZiMoja)

Zola 7 Making TV Comeback With New Talk Show 

Bonginkosi ‘Zola 7’ Dlamini is reportedly returning to the small screen with an upcoming talk show series, according to ZiMoja.

The popular singer and television personality is said to be working on a talk show format which he is already shooting. The show will feature Zola 7 conducting interviews with well-known celebrities.

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New Talk Show in the Works: Zola 7 Already Interviewing Popular Celebrities

While details remain under wraps as the show is still in the pitching phase with networks, an insider shared,

“He has done really riveting interviews with big stars already. I cannot reveal the details as he still needs to go and pitch to channels and clients.”

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Learning from Past Mistakes: A Chance to Do Things Right

The source emphasized that Zola 7 is determined to learn from past experiences and approach this venture with renewed dedication.

“He has learned from past mistakes and this time; he wants to do things right. Everyone deserves a second chance. People loved what he did for communities. He did what government failed to do and he became the messiah and the voice of the people,” the insider said.

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Health Challenges and Resilience: Zola 7’s Journey

Zola 7 disclosed to ZiMoja last year that during a period of illness, he was taking 200mg of pills twice daily and discovered he had epilepsy only after being hospitalized.

Expressing gratitude for the support received during his health crisis, Zola 7 sees this return to television as an opportunity for a fresh start. Visitors during his illness contributed funds and well-wishes, inspiring his comeback efforts. Additionally, he has been actively creating new music during this period.

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