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Renowned DJ Prudence Sebalo, professionally known as Miss Pru, has recently celebrated a significant milestone in her academic journey, marking the attainment of her third graduation belt.

Sharing the highlights of this special day on social media, Miss Pru posted a captivating video that encapsulated the essence of the occasion.

Reflecting on the Journey

In a heartfelt message, Miss Pru looked back on the challenges she faced while pursuing her education.

“What a journey it has been. I can vividly recall balancing my time between traveling to events and diligently completing assignments, often submitting them just before diving into work, lol [laugh out loud],” she reminisced.


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“There were instances when I found myself taking exams shortly after returning from extensive trips. It was quite a whirlwind, but giving up was never an option, even though it might have seemed like the easier choice.”

Expressing her ongoing commitment to furthering her studies, Miss Pru acknowledged that the pursuit of education comes with a hefty price tag.

“Education undoubtedly comes at a cost, but its value is immeasurable. If the opportunity to pursue higher learning presents itself, seize it,” advised Miss Pru.

A New Chapter: Transition from Ambitious Entertainment

In November 2022, Miss Pru made headlines by announcing her departure from the renowned record label, Ambitious Entertainment, a partnership that spanned an impressive seven years.

Addressing her followers on social media, she reflected on the profound impact of her time with the label, emphasizing how it played a pivotal role in her growth and development as an artist.

Subsequently, Miss Pru took a hiatus from music, using the time to redefine her artistic expression.

Miss Pru graduates
Miss Pru-Image Source@shwashwi

From Radio Presenter to Chart-Topping Artist

Miss Pru’s journey in the music industry began as a radio presenter at TransAfrica radio station. Her dynamic talent soon caught the attention of other stations, leading her to work with notable platforms such as Touch HD, Radio Rhythms, and Cliff Central.

In 2015, she made her musical debut with the release of the chart-topping single ‘Welele.’ This success paved the way for a series of hit songs, including ‘Isaga Lam’ in 2018, ‘Ugesi’ in 2017, ‘Wena Wedwa’ in 2017, ‘Miss Pru Phumelela’ (2017), and the sensational ‘Miss Pru Ameni’ featuring Emtee.

Accolades and Recognition

Miss Pru’s exceptional talent has not gone unnoticed, as she has garnered numerous accolades, including the coveted South African Music Awards (Samas) in the Best Music Video category at the 23rd edition of the Samas.


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