SA Men In Anguish After Soldiers Seize Smuggled Erectile Dysfunction Pills[Images: Twitter/PSAFLIVE]

SA Men In Anguish After Soldiers Seize Smuggled Erectile Dysfunction Pills


It seems that the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) may be more prevalent in South Africa than many may have anticipated.

This comes after SA men wailed in anguish on social media following news that the authorities had seized a smuggled shipment of erectile dysfunction medication.

On Wednesday, PSALive reported on how soldiers had seized a consignment of male performance drugs.

Posting on Twitter, PSALive wrote,

“BREAKING NEWS: SANDF soldiers have seized a massive R223 million haul of erectile dysfunction tablets being smuggled into South Africa from Mozambique.

“A cargo truck that was travelling from Mozambique into South Africa through the Lebombo Port of Entry was intercepted in an intelligence-driven operation.

“On searching the vehicle, soldiers initially found it to be transporting maize bran, but further investigation revealed 107 boxes containing Cobra 120 and Cobra 200 erectile dysfunction tablets.”




Many SA took to the comments section and called on the authorities to release the consignment as a matter of urgency.

They argued that the authorities should arrest the drivers and release the erectile dysfunction tablets warning that they were essential to preserve relationships and marriages.

On the other hand, some jokesters used the post to poke fun at the country’s leadership. They argued that the erectile dysfunction pills were for the ruling ANC party’s conference in December.

Others, though, used the post to make double entendres about the consequences among SA men and women of the seizure of the erectile dysfunction medication.



No wonder South African women don’t like their men.



So now our sexual life has to be interrupted because of this seizure? This is not fair at all. We have run out of Moringa and Mpesu now this


Whilst terrorists are planning to storm Sandton our SANDF is busy with Erectile Dysfunction Tablets. Multiple budget cuts have weakened one of the best Armies in Africa to do basic police work. We are in shit here.



Take the drivers, just let the tablets reach their destination.


Tlogelang that truck otherwise divorce rate and mjolo this December will turn into Russia and Ukraine. Lea Koma Rea tseba so please save this relationship and let that truck pass.


Just arrest the driver, itruck ne mithwalo mayidlule please comrades. We can’t afford see relationships ne michato zicitheka.



Is this the stock for the December ANC elective conference?



I won’t pretend to be fine with this , deal with other hard cases and leave this truck alone asomblif!




Are these for SA market… We have problems and half gents.

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?


According to WebMD, Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, happens when you can’t get or keep an erection of the penis that’s adequate for the sexual satisfaction of both partners. While almost all adult males have ED once in a while, as many as 30 million American men have it regularly. Nearly all men who seek treatment for ED find some relief.

Erectile dysfunction in younger men. In younger men, psychological problems are the most likely reason for ED. Poor communication with your partner, or differences in sexual preferences, can lead to tension and anxiety. The problem may also be linked to these things:

    • Depression
    • Fatigue
    • Stress
    • Feeling that you’re not good enough
    • Sexual fears
    • Rejection by your parents or peers
    • Childhood sexual abuse

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