Scandal: Dintle the Powerhouse

Scandal: Dintle the Powerhouse

If anything knows how to follow Dintle, that is chaos.

That thing attracts her like a magnet and before you know it, we are all forced into a roller coaster ride because Miss Dintle could not keep her mouth shut, could not keep her eyes open or keep it moving when she hears gossip.

It is Dintle who always makes sure that we are one with trouble and she brings to the table the truest meaning of being scandalous.

Was it shocking seeing her gunner for the CEO role? Absolutely not, if anything Dintle has been consistently amabitious and unafraid of ambition.

She is a go getter at best and always knows to go for exactly what she wants. Has it always gone right for her, absolutely not? Has she stopped in her tracks to actually consider that perhaps she might be the problem? Well, not really.

It is her relentless that gets things done, but she does not always go about it in the most ethical ways. Which is the worst and best thing in business.

Chumani took a major risk by hiring Dintle, calling her a maverick did feel like a bit of a stretch, but maybe we have little faith and should see her through. She should be careful though; Layla is not at all impressed with her and that will stand in her way. It will affect how she does business and Layla’s influence on busines partners might just be the biggest stumbling block for our beloved CEO.

The lines were drawn in the sand and Layla feels betrayed by Dintle. She sees her a thief and we all know hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

If anything, we have never seen Layla as cunning, instead she has consistently been level headed. This is the perfect time to let all her darkness unravel and we sit and watch!

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