Scandal Romeo Is Not Dead

Scandal :Romeo Is Not Dead

Scandal’s Romeo has managed to  make everyone to believe that he’s dead. Even Boniswa Langa who is the mastermind behind his disappearance is also fooled.

‌When the kidnapper showed a defeated Romeo in the car, he was seen counting money which was the first clue that he was paid by Romeo to fool Boniswa Langa.

Even the way he ‘died’ was suspicious because we have yet to see his dead body.

Romeo has always one move ahead of Boniswa or anyone else on the show because he was the smartest character on Scandal.

Boniswa was sent a video that looked like Romeo was stashed in a black bag and thrown in the river. But Romeo manipulated the video by editing it and making it look like he was thrown in the bag. He acted like he was dead.

Boniswa is currently stressed out because she sent out texts to Romeo’s mother; Grace Medupe and Romeo’s wife; Xolile Langa which implied that he’s not coming back.

Boniswa needs his body to be discovered by the authorities so that Xolile and Grace can start mourning for him.

But there won’t be anybody to find as Romeo has vanished. He’s gone on holiday and will come back when Boniswa doesn’t expect it.
When Xolile and Grace find out what Boniswa did to him, they will buy her out of the company and throw her out of the mansion.

Boniswa will finally go to prison for attempted murder and her son; Chumani will also testify against her for the murder of his father.

Romeo’s return will be Boniswa’s downfall.

The writers know how valuable Hungani Ndlovu is to the show and they wanted him to exit dramatically just like Masasa Mbageni’s temporary exit from the show.  Masasa played the role of Thembeka Shezi and was killed off when she returned.

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