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Sha Sha Narrates Her Difficult Road to Fame & Success, Says “I Used To Perform For Only 5 People”


Zimbabwe-born South African Amapiano star Sha Sha has recalled her humble beginnings before she became a superstar. The Queen of Amapiano revealed that she used to perform for only 5 to 6 people as she struggled to make ends meet and establish herself.

Sha Sha, real name Charmaine Shamiso Mapimbiro, said that money was a real struggle before she hit the big time. As a result, sometimes she performed for just US$50 (R870) to put food on the table.



[Images: Instagram/ShashaOfficial1] 

During an interview with HYPE, Sha Sha narrated the hard times she faced as she struggled to make her breakthrough.

“Before I was established, some of the challenges were money. You just constantly don’t have money, and you just constantly try to get the next paycheck and try to make sure you get heard; you perform for 5/6 people. It was crazy!

“Trying to get the paper, that was the hardest part ever. And also, just for the music to be heard, that was a struggle. Being patient and waiting for that breakthrough, but it’s just not happening.

“Seven years was quite a long time, worse off with your parents breathing down your neck, asking all sorts of questions and family gatherings with people asking ‘so, what do you do’. Also, having to face that reality when people ask you, but well, nothing is happening.

“I just had to keep on keeping on, keep fighting and getting small jobs, events, and all. That must have been the hardest part, really.”

The Amapiano vocalist revealed that she used to work odd jobs just to make things balance.

“Back in the day, I used to catch taxis when I wanted to go to town. I didn’t have a car or anything. At some point, I remember being a waitress, a receptionist, I remember being paid 50 USD for a show.”



I Used To Perform For 5 People: Sha Sha Recalls Humble Beginnings Before Becoming a Superstar
Sha Sha [Photos: Instagram via Sha Sha]

Sha Sha also said that since she got her breakthrough and became a superstar, her lifestyle has not changed that much, as she tries to keep it simple.


“I don’t think I have changed much, honestly. Of course, I don’t catch taxis anymore, but I am not much of a spender. What I enjoy is finding random quiet places and going to coffee shops and things like that.

“I would say those are the new things that I am doing. But I would really say I am an introvert and a homebody, but I have recently just started stepping out and hiking. There’s definitely been a significant change from back then to now.”

Sha Sha also said that her upbringing in Zimbabwe helped make her very versatile and allowed her to learn new languages.

“Growing up was very interesting. I went to like 10 different schools, hence I was exposed to the different languages because at some point when I was in South Africa, then I was in Mozambique, Botswana, Mutare, Harare, (Bulawayo).

“So, I was exposed to different vibes, cultures, and people. For me, at the end of the day, it felt like I inherited homes.

“I don’t have just one home, and in every community, there were things that I took and things that I learned and things that I carried, and I still have with me till this day. Growing up, it was hard to keep adapting to these different setups and different places.” 

“So, all these lessons, languages and values stick with you. I am grateful for it all. I am grateful for the moves and the 10 schools and everything in between,” she said. 

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