South African Man AlaskaSouth African Man Arrested For Stabbing People With Scissors Aboard A Cruise Ship In Alaska [Image: Cruise Critic]

A South African man was arrested in Alaska after allegedly stabbing people with medical scissors after trying to exit a cruise ship.

The 35-year-old man, Ntando Sogoni, worked on a cruise ship. He was captured by the FBI in Juneau on 7 May.


How The South African Man Stabbed People On A Cruise Ship In Alaska

Sogoni had just boarded the ship, named the Norwegian Encore, in Seattle that day. The attack reportedly occurred at 2 am on Sunday. According to the US Attorney’s Office, other crew members saw Sogoni trying to use a lifeboat on Monday.

Ship security then took him to the medical centre for an evaluation. But there, things turned violent.

Sogoni attacked a security guard and a male nurse. The cruise ship worker then entered another examination room where a US citizen woman was being treated:

“He grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed the woman multiple times in the arm, hand and face. He also stabbed two security guards who intervened — one in the head and one in the back and shoulders.”

Sogoni was in the ship’s jail until his arrest. He faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon within maritime and territorial jurisdiction. If found guilty, he could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 (around R4.7 million) for each count.

The FBI Anchorage field office, FBI Juneau resident agency, and the Coast Guard Investigative Service are handling the investigation.

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South African Man Alaska
South African Man Arrested For Stabbing People With Scissors Aboard A Cruise Ship In Alaska [Image: Clarise Larson/Juneau Empire]



South Africans on social media shared mixed sentiments about the violent man.


“We strongly denounce that individual. He is the least of us, a rare occurrence in the loving culture of South Africans. You can deal with him as you see fit in the US.”


“Is he ok mentally?”


“He needs to stay in prison overseas and then throw him overboard the boat.”


“He represents himself in all he did. He must bear the consequences of his actions.”

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