Tibz's fatherTebello 'Tibz' Motsoane's father Slyvester-Image Source@eNCA

A year after his tragic death, Tebello ‘Tibz’s father, Sylvester Motsoane, has broken his silence on the profound impact it has had on his wife, Ryhab Niniwe Motsoane.

The murder case of AKA and Tibz remains unsolved even after more than a year. Minister of Police Bheki Cele has shared periodic updates on the investigation, expressing confidence in nearing a breakthrough.

Tibz’s Father’s Candid Reflection

In a recent interview with eNCA, Sylvester Motsoane spoke candidly about the immense pain and changes in his wife’s life since the tragic events.

“My wife has never been the same since the death of her son. That bubbly person, joking and doing so many things… she was just a person who would do the housework, go into her room, and say I want to go and rest. There’ll never be a single day where she’s not saying ‘I miss Tebello’,” Tibz’s father shared.

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Tibz's mother died 8 months after her son
Tibz’s mother-Image Source@X

The vibrant personality that once filled their home with laughter and joy has been replaced by a palpable sorrow, leaving Mrs Motsoane in a perpetual state of longing for her late son.

According to Tibz’s father, she was like that every day till she died eight months after their son’s murder. The grieving husband and father shared how heartbroken he is on losing both his son and wife within a year.

Unsolved Mysteries Linger

Despite assurances from the Minister of Police about progress in the investigation, the mystery surrounding Tibz’s death and AKA’s involvement continues to cast a shadow of uncertainty over the Motsoane family.

As the search for answers persists, the Motsoane family grapples not only with the loss of their beloved son but also with the unsettling absence of closure in the ongoing investigation.

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Tibz Motsoane
Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane-Image Source@X

Minister’s Promise and Ongoing Investigation

Minister Bheki Cele has reiterated his commitment to solving the case, providing periodic updates to the public and expressing confidence in the investigative process. Despite the passage of time, he remains optimistic about bringing closure to the Motsoane family and the wider community affected by this tragedy.

The grieving father’s revelation sheds light on the enduring pain and emotional toll that follows the loss of a loved one, emphasizing the need for justice and resolution in cases that leave families in limbo.

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