TNS Family Bewitching HimTNS Runs Away From Home, Says His Family Is Bewitching Him [Image: TNS/Facebook]

In a sensational post that shook fans, musician TNS claimed he ran away from home because his family was bewitching him.

TNS, whose real name is Nkazimulo Ngema, revealed that he will never return to his home in eMadadeni, KwaZulu-Natal.


TNS Says His Family Is Bewitching Him

The Ayabonga hitmaker startled South African social media users and his fans when he alleged that his family has been practising black magic on him. Because of the hell he was facing, he had to flee, he said.

“I’ve been quiet about this for a long time. Ever since I was young, they wanted me dead. When I was very young, my late grandmother used to hide me from them. Sometimes I feel like a dead man walking because of the depression my family has caused me,” TNS disclosed.

The musician then gave his fans words of encouragement:

“Your turn is coming, meaning everything that you desire is coming. Don’t hate another person’s success. Jealousy will never get you anywhere in life. We are all hustling for a better future, so everything has its day and time. You must relax. Your turn is coming. When it happens, we will celebrate with you.”

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TNS Family Bewitching Him
TNS Runs Away From Home, Says His Family Is Bewitching Him [Image: TNS/Facebook]


Mzansi Adds A Voice Or Two

People online had mixed sentiments after TNS accused his family of bewitching him.


“He might be right💯🤞 Bitter, jealous family members do that to us, especially those who see that we seem to be doing better than their useless, good-for-nothing children who roam around the streets to bully others 💯🤞”


“That’s odd. Funny how they’ll still need your help when you succeed in the future after all that.😮‍💨😮‍💨”


“We need this guy on Podcast and Chill 🫠”


“There’s no witchcraft. He just needs a new songwriter, a producer and a new PR team.”


“They helped him grow up, and some probably fed, and now he turns around and accuses them.”


“How’s this one always a victim in every drama involved ?😂😂”

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