A video is doing the rounds on showing award winning American rapper T.I smoking what appears to be dagga at the Durban Suncoast beach front.

DJ Tira has posted the video on Instagram‚ which appears to show US rapper T.I. smoking a joint on Durban’s beachfront.

Amused comments are being posted by his followers who’ve spotted the clip‚ as they remark on the merits of the “African herb” and indulging in public.

T.I.  performed at Durban’s botanical gardens on Friday night.

The multiple Grammy Awards winner is credited with sales of more than 30 million singles‚ and 14 million albums. His collaborations include Jay Z‚ Rihanna‚ Justin Timberlake‚ Kanye West and Lady Gaga.

On his official Twitter account T.I. ‏@Tip tweeted a photo from Durban this morning‚ saying: “South African Sunrise. Indian Ocean Breakfast of Champions #TheBoysDoneMadeittoSouthAfrica #HustleGangOverErrrrthang”.

Luckily‚ his mood differed dramatically from a namesake account – T.I ‏@TI_Wisdom whose posts on Twitter since Wednesday‚ until today‚ are somewhat anguished‚ dropping hints about being let down by a special someone. The tweets include:

“What happens between us should stay between us.

“Rumors are carried by haters‚ spread by fools‚ and accepted by idiots.

“I can handle the truth‚ it’s the lies that kill me.

“When you see another person completely move on‚ it’s best for you to do the same.

“Every female ain’t a hoe‚ but every female ain’t wifey material either.

“Single or taken‚ you still get hurt.

“Music is my painkiller…”

“It’s sad that everyone eventually becomes a memory.”

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