A man on holiday from Britain was recently surveyed by Table Mountain officials and other tourists self pleasuring on top of the tourist attraction.

Eye witnesses claim the man, only identified as Dave, got into a cable with 15 other tourist to go on top of one of the main attractions in Cape Town, Table Mountain. Upon arrival at the summit of the mountains, other tourists got the shock of their lives when they witnessed Dave putting his hand in his zipper and vigorously thrusting his member.

‘He seemed intoxicated’, one witness recalls, ‘and he kept saying ‘ohhh Babalwa I love your big bum, I wish it was available in London’. Further investigations revealed that Dave had, on the previous night named Babalwa who gave him a taste of African pleasure. It would seem like Dave got hypnotized by African b_ooty.

Upon finishing his one man job, Dave is said to have opted to walk down the mountain as he would not face part of the crew he had aligned with. Also, the wet spot in front of his crotch area was a dead giveaway.

We tried to locate Dave at the hotel room where he was said to be checked in but the cheeky receptionist refused us access insisting that clients privacy was important.

iMzansi Satire however managed to talk to one of the ladies who was onboard the cable car and she said she had never seen such an embarrassing act in her life. ‘These guys are bringing a bad name to our lovely country’, she retorted.

Source : iMzansi Satire


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